Dr. Ashraf took great care in answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. I couldn’t be more confident or happier with my results. My nose looks so natural and I breathe better out of my nose and the hump on my nose is gone. Thank you Dr Ashraf for making me no longer worried about how my nose will look in photos.

Roba, Egypt

This was a huge step for me – breast reduction surgery – in my mid-sixties, but it has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Dr Ashraf’s kindness, professionalism and attention to detail have left me with neat, C cup breasts (reduced from double F) which I love! Every member of the team was superb – took the time to explain procedures and choices and the light- touch epidural meant that I was well and alert immediately after surgery. Aftercare has been great and the lovely Ghada at a reception organised everything superbly. Thank you Dr Ashraf – you have changed my life! Recommended unreservedly.

Jayne United Kingdom, Egypt

Dr. Ashraf was very professional and accommodating to all my questions. He genuinely cares about his patients and he gave me great advice that made me feel comfortable about getting my breast augmentation. The whole process from the first consultation to the procedure took less than a week and the procedure itself only took a few hours. Dr. Ashraf and Miss Ghada followed up with me regularly and made sure that I came to my free follow-ups to guide me through my recovery. I am extremely happy with my results, my breasts look and feel great. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ashraf.


I have had surgery and injectable with Dr. Ashraf. I would recommend him in a heartbeat! I’ve been going to him for 4 years for my Treatment for Wrinkles and I’m so satisfied with the natural results he provides. I’m always complimented on my age and it’s thanks to Dr Ashraf! Looking into another surgical procedure because I trust his work so much.

Gini marshall, Maldives

I had breast reconstruction surgery, after having a mastectomy due to breast cancer. It was a big procedure, involved 2 surgeries and postoperative care.
Dr. Ashraf performed my surgeries. He is one of the most caring, talented and professional doctors I have ever come across. I am sincerely grateful to him for the surgery turned out so well, more importantly, it made me feel much better about myself.
Lots of thanks to Dr. Ashraf and his clinic staff, especially his assistant.

S.A., Egypt

Dr. Ashraf is really one of the best not commercial at all he will tell you exactly what you need. The follow up is beyond amazing from Dr. Ashraf himself and the clinic staff.

Batoul Shamsi, Egypt

I need a touch up on Treatment for Wrinkles. It went very well. I’m satisfied that I don’t have a frozen look.

Susie Butler, Egypt

I really would like to thank Dr Ashraf a lot for professional, expert and most of all his honesty during his consultation, I needed a dermal filler and Treatment for Wrinkles for my daughter and he was really a great help offering all possible solution with great transparency.

The clinic is very clean, his assistant is so helpful and very easy to reach to take an appointment replying to each and every question. Most of all there was almost no pain at all during the treatment due to his professional way and type of local anaesthesia, which really won’t be last time.

Rana, Egypt

Honestly, Dr Asraf is the best Dr in Egypt, I have gone to several even in America and he is the only one that has provided me with such an incredible level of care. I went with my mother to his office and he explained everything about the procedure I wanted and gave me all the knowledge and information for the procedure. He was honest and realistic about the results and they are amazing. I am now 4 months post-op after a breast lift and reduction and I never could have dreamed that it would look this good! My scars are practically invisible! His care was excellent as he was always just a phone call away and would always check up on me throughout my healing process. I am planning several surgeries with him in the future as I would now never go to anyone else. Thank you, Dr Ashraf! You have no idea how grateful I am for your work!

Nora, US

Dr. Ashraf was very professional and calm. He really provides honest and realistic advices. I have done under eye filler and it was such a great experience. Also, Dr. Ashraf follow up after the session to ensure that everything was fine.

Dalia, Egypt

Dr. Ashraf is a very honest person. Listens to your concerns patiently. Suggests solutions and implement the process step by step. Everything he does is supernatural and enhances your beauty. Always recommends the most suitable option depending on what suits your image. Thank you, Dr Ashraf, for the fillers and of course my rhinoplasty.

Hoda Hegazy, Egypt

After some research on the internet, I chose to do my breast implant and lift with Dr. Ashraf and so planned a trip to Cairo.
Dr. Ashraf was very warm, professional, and detailed. He is most certainly a first-class plastic surgeon as evidenced by the fantastic result post-operatively. He also took time to follow up my case with several correspondences despite his busy schedule. I can only describe this outstanding plastic surgeon in superlative terms and will highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.


Dr Ashraf was very patient & gave replies to all my questions. Very polite & professional friendly doctor. I definitely recommend him. He is just an amazing doctor.

Wessam, Egypt

I did a total mastectomy 3 years ago and received chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Losing a breast is really traumatising to any woman. I was looking for breast reconstruction to restore my self-esteem. After a thorough search, I knew that Dr Ashraf Abolfotooh is the best to do it in Egypt and is also specialised in microvascular breast reconstruction. He explained everything to me and gave me the options. He also gave me a surprise that he can also improve my arm swelling ( Lymphedema) which I developed shortly after mastectomy due to Lymph node removal. He used my own tissues from the tummy to restore my breast and lymph nodes together. I had a new life! Regained my self-confidence and normal relationship with my husband. And the added bonus of improving arm swelling and being able to use my hands again. Results are excellent and still improving. Now going back to Dr Ashraf for breast symmetrization and nipple reconstruction.

Samah, Egypt

I did gynecomastia surgery with doctor Ashraf and the results exceeded my expectations. Doctor Ashraf is so professional and understanding, I’m very satisfied with my results and I definitely recommend doctor Ashraf.

Fady, Egypt

Very natural look, very caring and patient doctor, very good experience.
I needed prevention from wrinkles as they started to turn from temp to permanent wrinkles so I had to have Treatment for Wrinkles. I visited Dr Ashraf’s clinic based on a recommendation from one of my relatives and it was a very good experience for me that I recommended him myself to my relatives and friends. Dr Ashraf has the mix of a professional friendly doctor, he is very patient when it comes to all the worries and questions I had, he followed up with me and made sure I’m 100% happy with the results.
What I really like the most is the natural look I had as I was very worried that I may have that plastic face after Treatment for Wrinkles but that never happened.

Rabab, Egypt

I was looking for a good doctor to do filler and Treatment for Wrinkles.
My friends didn’t recommend any doctor so I went on some pages on Facebook but didn’t get any serious recommendations. I decided to search on the internet for doctors names and I read the reviews about Dr Ashraf on this site, I took an appointment with him. I had filler and Treatment for Wrinkles injections. I asked him questions for treating my falling hair and my face pores and he was really patient and answering all my questions. I had a first PRP session with him. Will have fractional laser treatment for my face next week. He gives his patients time. He is really honest. He tells you the pro and the cons of everything you want to do. He loves what he does, he is not commercial at all. He sends messages to make sure that everything is good and everything is fine. I really suggest him to everyone. And his assistant Ghada is really nice and polite and always smiling.
A really excellent experience.

Lela Kassem, Egypt

Otoplasty was a great experience with Dr Ashraf, very clever. The results are like I was expecting.

M Sherif, Egypt

I live in the States, was a worry to trust and rely on the online review from what clinic about going for a face surgery without being at risk but I am so glad I did trust the review about Dr Abo Elfotoh that gives him 5 stars from his patients, he is away above my expectation.
I can assure that every single review is really about him. He is a talented plastic surgeon, confident, evidence-based work. His work is so beautiful and keeps the patient away from any risk.
I did a mini facelift, upper eyelid blepharoplasty, nasal tip refining
I am very thrilled about the result despite I am still less than a month post-operative but the result is very exciting to me and I do expect better.
What I like about Dr Abo Elfotoh, is his patience, nice demeanour when he replies and keeps following up with me as a patient regardless how may questions and any concern that I may have through and after the surgery.
Price of the procedures is incomparable to any other surgeon. I did my review and homework for price quotes in different places and countries, I couldn’t get a better quote than what Dr Abo Elfotoh gave me which reflect that this surgeon is enjoying his work more than looking for the money.
Definitely, I am planning to do more work with Dr Abo Elfotoh soon.

Sandy John, US

I had my breast reduction done by Dr Ashraf and honestly, I haven’t had a single regret. The surgery was performed well and the hospital staff was also very kind. The follow-up post-surgery was splendid as he ensured I had a smooth recovery process by regularly checking up on me. I HIGHLY recommend him

Musha, Kenya
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