3D Simulation

Crisalix is an innovative 3D simulation software that responds to a very important need in cosmetic surgery. In fact, it allows you to view the results of many interventions in advance. Its operation is simple and starts with the insertion of three standard photos of the patient, which represent the basis for the realistic simulation of the outcome of the operation.

Crisalix can be used to view the result of cosmetic surgery on the breast, body and face. In the first case, patients can see the visual effect of breast augmentation, breast lift, but also of breast reduction and lipofilling procedures from the first pre-operative visits. A fundamental tool for the cosmetic surgeon, Crisalix also helps to choose the best breast implants according to the situation.

As for the body, however, among the interventions whose results can be simulated, it is possible to remember abdominoplasty, liposuction and cosmetic surgery on the buttocks. After carrying out the reconstruction, you can see the final effect on the body thanks to special 3D glasses connected to a monitor that shows the image of the patient in front, in profile and 3/4.

Crisalix is also decisive for those involved in cosmetic facial surgery such as rhinoplasty, the result of which can be simulated in 3D by working on details such as the retraction and lifting of the tip of the nose and the reduction of its diameter.

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